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Feb 20, 2018 | Workshop

Bitcoin, Blockchain – just some words that you hear more and more lately. For many people, it is about making money with cryptocurrency, but the Blockchain can do much more than that. What is the Blockchain and what can you do with it? Why is it so different from all the systems we know today?

This workshop is intended for Entrepreneurs, consultants, and other professionals who are curious about the possibilities of Blockchain technology and what this could actually mean, in the broadest sense of the word. Experience with or knowledge of Blockchain technology or ICT is not necessary, but the ability or willingness to look at existing paradigms in a new way.

We will discover that this technology will certainly change essential things in companies and in society, especially where matters such as control and “trust” are invested in third parties. Think of banks, notaries, cadastre, etc. But all kinds of other sectors will not be covered by the Blockchain, for example also education, the energy sector, healthcare, and the food industry.

We start with a bit of history of the Bitcoin and the Blockchain and the idea behind it, then we go into the technology in general, to put some common words around this topic. This includes DLT, Blocks, Encryption, Smart Contracts, Ethereum. We will, therefore, experience the operation of this in a practical exercise. We will also identify the opportunities and challenges Blockchain can offer for your organization. For example, is information safe on the Blockchain?

Finally, to look at “what we always wanted to know about Blockchain, but never dared to ask… ..”.

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