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Mar 16, 2018 | Lezing

Workshop: The opportunities of Blockchain Technology

Are you an entrepreneur, advisor or professional in an organization and are you curious about the possibilities of Blockchain technology? Then you should not miss this workshop!

With Blockchain, many people think of crypto currency such as Bitcoin, but Blockchain technology offers much more. What is the Blockchain and what can you do for your organization? Why is it so different from all the systems we know today?

In this workshop we will discuss this together with Blockchain consultant Jolanda ter Maten. You will discover that this technology will change essential things in companies and in society, especially where things like control and “trust” are invested in third parties. Think of banks, notaries, land registry, etc. But all kinds of other sectors will be impacted as well by Blockchain Technology, such as education, the energy sector, healthcare and the food industry.

We start with a bit of history of the Bitcoin and the Blockchain and the idea behind it. Then we will discuss the technique in general, in order to be able to place some frequently heard cries. Think of DLT, Blocks, Encryption and Smart Contracts. We will therefore experience the effect of this in a practical exercise.

We will also take stock of the opportunities and challenges Blockchain can offer for your organization. For example, is information safe on the Blockchain? Then we close the workshop with a Q&A in which all your questions about Blockchain can be addressed.

Besides, knowledge of ICT is not necessary, but an open mind to look at existing paradigms differently.

Would you like to know more about new technology?

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