Malta: Blockchain Credentials and Connected Learning

May 17, 2018 | Event

Today was the first day of the Blockchain conference: Credentials and Connected Learning in Malta.

A very interesting group of people from 17 different countries, and like me, very passionate about education and learning.

Keynote speaker Minister Evarist Bartolo of the Ministry of Education and Employment spoke about a very healthy human perspective on technological innovation. Followed by many international speakers and interesting group discussions.

The need for standardization on the one hand and sharing lessons from use cases on the other is very clear.

As a member of the ISO-TC307 Working Group on International Standardization on Blockchain Technology, and as a member of the Use Cases Workgroup for the European Blockchain Observatory and Forum, I intend to contribute to meeting both of the above needs.

My very first Blockchain registered reference! Thank you very much @ learning machine for making this possible!

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