Blockchain & Smart Contracts workshop AvdR

Sep 20, 2018 | Workshop

Academy of Legal Practice


  • Insight into Blockchain and how it started: Bitcoin – the tip of the iceberg
  • How does Blockchain work: the main terms explained
  • Different types of Blockchain
  • Blockchain Real Life Use Cases
  • Smart contracts and Legal aspects
  • Blockchain and Privacy
  • Opportunities and challenges of Blockchain Technology


In the field of legal aspects:

  • You will be taken step by step in the conversion of existing business processes to Blockchain
  • The working of smart contracts is explained, in which you learn from examples which legally relevant steps can be distinguished;
  • Get examples from which the different legal manifestations of a smart contract become clear;
  • A distinction is made between legal components that can be programmed in a smart contract and legal components that must be secured in another way within the blockchain;
  • Discusses the privacy aspects of Blockchain.


You will get a good idea of ​​the questions asked to lawyers by parties who want to work with Blockchain. But also questions that companies that market blockchain-related products and solutions to start-ups encounter. The speakers will also discuss the competences that are important when working with Blockchain.

Teacher (s)

  • Mr. K.van Kranenburg-Hanspians (lawyer CMS)
  • J. ter Maten, MSc (blockchain trainer / speaker Jolanda ter Maten)

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