Aangesloten bij Apeldoorn IT

Feb 1, 2019 | Partner

Since today I am affiliated with Apeldoorn IT, the network of Apeldoorn companies, government and knowledge institutions in the field of IT. Apeldoorn is a city full of innovative IT organizations. A city with a heart for IT. Areas of Focus from Apeldoorn-IT are:

  • sharing knowledge
  • promote labor mobility between organizations
  • collaboration in recruitment and career growth
  • profile as an attractive IT city and region
  • explore crossovers
  • stimulate innovations.

Apeldoorn also creates IT opportunities for young talent, as a concrete example Apeldoorn Stagestad.

With 161,000 inhabitants, 97,000 jobs and 11,932 business locations (2017), Apeldoorn is one of the most important employment centers in the Central and Eastern Netherlands. Apeldoorn is good for about 6800 jobs in the ICT sector.

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