Blockchain at Elementary School

Jul 11, 2019 | Workshop

Recently I gave a guest lesson about Blockchain to the 7th grade of the innovative Sterrenschool Apeldoorn. I explained the kids about the history of transactions, the eternal resistance to innovation, and how the financial crisis led to Bitcoin.

Then I went into the underlying Blockchain technology and how it works broadly. Practical examples were also discussed, such as the traceability of the origins of a supermarkets orange juice by tracing the oranges. By working with Lego blocks, the children experienced how reliability, transparency and safety in the Blockchain are guaranteed.

I thought it was a unique experience to explain Blockchain to children of this age, the translation into the children’s world was a nice challenge. I have noticed that children at this age still have a flexible and open mind and are very open to innovation. They will not easily say that “it will never work” or “it is not possible at all”. They also enthusiastically came up with all kinds of examples, so I notice that they have indeed understood the material well.

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