Jolanda ter Maten

Making knowledge accessible for everyone


I have always had a passion to empower people to make independent decisions. People need the right knowledge for this. I make the complex subject matter of new technology comprehensible and thus accessible to everyone.

Years of experience

In advising and implementing innovations and business development.


Helped organizations internationally.

Average score

Appreciation for my workshops.


With my 30 years of experience in education, innovation and new technology, as an “early adapter” I started my late 80s career implementing and teaching office automation in Central America. Back in the Netherlands I worked for large companies and the government. Consultancy and workshops in the field of innovation and change management. In addition, I worked as a project manager for technical / management development programs.


Due to my broad experience in the field of ICT, HR and management, I have a clear vision of the needs of professionals of different levels and in different areas of expertise. I also have a Master of Science Degree from the University of Twente in the field of Human Resource Development. Subsequently, I successfully completed the post-doctoral course in Strategic HR Management.