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What possibilities do you think New Technology offers for your organization? Have difficult technological issues about New Technology translated into understandable and accessible solutions for your employees and organization. I offer the expertise, attention and knowledge required to achieve sustainable results with New Technology.

Lecture Vienna ANON Blockchain Summit 2019

The impact on business and society (12 minutes)

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  • Relevant information for your company in a short time

  • Gain insights into the impact of New Technology

  • No empty words, but a reliable explanation in clear language

A lecture has the most impact when we address specific challenges within your organization and industry.

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Trends and Technology in understandable language

Information technology brings extraordinary new opportunities for organizations and their customers. Connectivity, automation and a new wave of intelligent technologies are changing the business landscape, from how consumers build relationships with companies to the structure of the supply chain and the nature of global competition.

However, it is often difficult to keep pace with the changes. Digital Strategy Consultant Jolanda ter Maten can help by pointing out current and future technology trends to organizations and clarifying how these innovations can create business value.