Learn the fundamentals of New Technologies

Enrich your knowledge through a tailor-made workshop

With a workshop you will gain knowledge and new insights of New Technology, and the opportunities and challenges that this entails. With this you can ensure that you and your colleagues learn to deal with the impact within the industry / sector. Practical insights to respond to future developments. By not avoiding it but embracing it. Learn more about new technology and gain insight into the impact on your company and market. Theory, practical case studies and group interaction provide you with valuable learning results that you can translate into practical solutions.

The Benefits for you:


  • Relevant case studies from your industry
  • Up to speed with the latest developments in a short time
  • No empty words, but a reliable explanation in clear language

Depending on your needs, we put together a workshop.
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Why learn about New Technology?

New Technology such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we execute transactions, collaborate and trust each other. You can get a grip on how New Technology influences your organization and sector. How do you prepare your organization to embrace these disruptive developments? We teach you how to experiment with the technology, together with your customers, suppliers, partners and organization.